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A multidisciplinary institution, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) provides its professors and students with a dynamic learning environment built around its innovative and multicultural spirit. It is a “home away from home” for international students and was founded in 1971 by Prof. Dr S.B. Mujumdar. The Vedic idea of the “World as One Family” serves as the foundation for the institution. The name of the university perfectly encapsulates the core of India’s engagement with international students—a partnership that benefits both India and the international student community. With over 85 different nationalities represented in its activities and students, Symbiosis is dedicated to fostering global understanding by providing high-quality education.


The institution now has campuses in six Indian cities and four states. The Symbiosis mission of “Promoting International Understanding through Quality Education” is embodied in all of the university campuses, which are a swarm of foreign students from all over the world who are exposed to Indian culture and hospitality.


The university receives a Category-I designation from UGC and an “A” grade from NAAC with a 3.58 out of 4 ratings. The university is also ranked ninth in the Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA) 2021 category of “University & Deemed to be University (Private-Self-Financed),” and 32nd in the Universities Category of NIRF 2022. Symbiosis International has received a ranking from the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking 2022. University in the top 800 to 1000 universities worldwide. The University is the only university in India to have obtained the Asia Pacific Quality Label and is also listed in the top 350 universities in Asia by the QS Regional Rankings. The university has a strong School for Liberal Arts with departments in languages, literature, music, philosophy, ideology, art, dance, theatre, education, anthropology, political science, international relations, film studies, mathematics and statistics, pure and applied sciences, sociology, economics, sports, and other fields related to peace and conflict studies The university is a pioneer in liberal arts education. In addition to offering India’s first 4-year honors program, SIU institutes offer students the chance to enroll in liberal arts courses, giving them a distinct advantage by emphasizing 360° critical thinking and innovative design thinking, with the hope of developing novel solutions to societal problems. The learning ecosystem is completed with programs for innovation and entrepreneurship, an incubator, and seed funding for academic and student research. Through academic exchanges, exposure to foreign conferences, seminars, workshops, and other resources, students and teachers are given the chance to fully explore their international academic interests.


The Symbiosis Medical College for Women was recently founded by the university. Modern infrastructure and facilities are available at the medical college and the Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre that are affiliated with it.

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is dedicated to generating new knowledge and innovations as well as making a positive impact on national development.

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Faculty at Symbiosis University Pune

The University’s largest faculty is the faculty of management. Partnerships are being established with universities all over the world as the faculty of management continues to grow with an international focus.

All students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons in both their personal and academic lives through the program offered by the Faculty of Management, which also contributes to the development of the Diverse University Culture. Additionally, the faculty of management conducts significant research in each of its focus areas.

  • A. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s

Ph.D. is required for the highest level of qualification.

Sharma, Aadya

Most advanced degree: M.Sc. Position: Teaching Assistant

  • Uppal Aakanksha

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Assistant professor

  • Mujahid Siddiqui, Aaliyah

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Assistant professor

  • Mehta, Aarti Sharma

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Assistant professor

  • Jayant Sharma, Aasha

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Associate Professor

  • Lele, Abhijeet

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Assistant professor

  • Sharad Abhijit Kelkar

Ph.D. is the highest level of qualification. Assistant professor

  • Chirputkar, Abhijit Vasant

The highest degree is an M.Com.Designation:adjunct professor

  • Avinash Pal

Maximum Qualification: M.A.Designation: adjunct professor

Scholarships at Symbiosis University Pune

All scholarship recipients must be informed and given the necessary acceptance paperwork. Before formal acceptance of a scholarship can occur, all required paperwork must be filled out and delivered to SCIE’s administering scholarship office. 


  • The candidate for the scholarship will be chosen by the selection committee based on their academic standing, statement of intent, and provided references. The Selection Committee’s decision is final. No explanations for not receiving the scholarship will be provided.
  • The recipient of the scholarship is responsible for paying the application and administrative fees, and all transactions must be made in US dollars.
  • Even though the term and tuition are the same, the student cannot alter the programme or the institute for which they have been awarded a scholarship.
  • The scholarship recipient is responsible for obtaining the necessary student visa for SIU and paying all visa-related costs, like as medical exams (visa purpose). A scholarship offer does not ensure that a student visa will be approved.
  • All other costs, including the application fee, IELA exam price, administrative fee, uniform fees, book fees, examination fees, medical insurance, and security deposit, are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient (if any).
  • Recipients must meet the fundamental requirements of excellent behaviour, 75% attendance each semester, and a minimum GPA of 6 with no subject backlogs at the end of each semester (Must pass all courses in all semesters). A Terms Not Granted (TNG) is not permitted for any semester for students. To ensure the scholarship is maintained, directors of the institute they are a part of are required to provide a certificate of excellent behaviour or character at the conclusion of each year. Scholarship awardees could be asked to take part in media promotions for the SCIE and SIU awards.

Symbiosis University Pune Courses





(1 Courses)

INR 7.3 L

(for 3 years)


(3 Courses)

INR 1.6 L – 1.65 L

(for 1 year)

Graduation : 50 %

BBA LL.B. (Hons)

(1 Courses)

INR 18.18 L

(for 5 years)

10+2 : 45 %

Exams :SLAT

B.A. LL.B. (Hons)

(1 Courses)

INR 18.18 L

(for 5 years)

10+2 : 45 %

Exams :SLAT


(27 Courses)

INR 8.2 L – 22.36 L

(for 15 months-2 years)

Graduation : 50 %

Exams :SNAP


(3 Courses)

INR 5.5 L – 9.1 L

(for 3 years)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :SET

B.E. / B.Tech

(12 Courses)

INR 6.75 L – 10.6 L

(for 3-4 years)

10+2 : 45 %

Exams :JEE MainMHT CET+1 more

PG Diploma

(17 Courses)

INR 10 K – 1.9 L

(for 1 month-1 year)

Graduation : 50 %


(13 Courses)

INR 2.5 L – 8 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 50-55 %



(9 Courses)

INR 2.6 L – 16.3 L

(for 2-4 years)

10+2 : 45-50 %

Exams :SETSAT India


(1 Courses)

INR 5.05 L

(for 3 years)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :SET


(112 Courses)

INR 400 – 1.06 L

(for 1 day-8 months)

10+2 : 50 %


(10 Courses)

INR 16 L – 16.2 L

(for 4 years)

10+2 : 50 %


(3 Courses)

INR 6.16 L – 9.55 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 50 %

Exams :SNAP

Executive MBA/PGDM

(9 Courses)

INR 3.56 L – 6.7 L

(for 300 hours-30 months)

Graduation : 50 %


(4 Courses)

INR 9.2 L – 16.3 L

(for 3-4 years)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :SETSAT India

UG Diploma

(6 Courses)

INR 21 K – 1.6 L

(for 1 year)


(8 Courses)

INR 3.9 L – 5.4 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation: 50 %



(1 Courses)

INR 50.5 L

(for 66 months)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :NEET


(1 Courses)

INR 5.2 L

(for 2 years)

Graduation : 50 %


(1 Courses)

INR 15.2 L

(for 5 years)

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :JEE MainNATA

B.A. LL.B.

(1 Course)

INR 15.95 L

(for 5 years)

10+2: 45 %

Exams : SLAT

B.Sc. (Post Basic)

(1 Course)

INR 1.75 L

(for 2 years)


(1 Course)

INR 15.95 L

(for 5 years)

10+2: 45 %

Exams: SLAT


(1 Course)

Graduation: 50 %

Top 15 Online/Distance MBA Colleges in India 2023

Symbiosis University Pune Online MBA

In the world of online and distance learning, Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning is well-known. Since its founding in 2001 and over the course of more than 20 years, SCDL has reached numerous milestones.

Symbiosis has historically outperformed many private colleges thanks to its extensive educational options and strong placement rates. The

The university offers a robust web site that supports online learning, virtual classrooms, e mentoring, and most of all, faculty engagement. Let’s talk more about Symbiosis’ two-year PGDBA programme:

Working professionals adore the SCDL’s PGDBA (MBA-equivalent) degree offered through distant learning.

One of the most economical management programs accessible today is the distance MBA (PGDBA) from Symbiosis.

Symbiosis currently provides Post Graduate Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate programs in a variety of industry sectors, including

  • Management of Business, Banking, and Finance, Management of Education
  • Management of Information Technology
  • International Business Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Insurance Management, and Development Management
  • Corporate and business law

Total of 14 specializations are available with Symbiosis MBA (PGDBA) course for remote learners. The specialties’ names are as follows:

  • Diploma of Advanced Studies in International Business
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Business Administration
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Insurance Management
  • Master’s degree in banking and finance
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Customer Relationship Management
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Export and Import Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Retail Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Supply Chain Management
  • Training for Pre-Primary Teachers with a Postgraduate Degree
  • Information Technology Postgraduate Diploma
  • Post-graduate degrees in instructional design and business and corporate law are also available.

Online MBA From Symbiosis University

What exactly is an online MBA?

Online MBA programmes are increasingly popular among working adults seeking a master’s degree in business administration. Online MBA courses are especially beneficial for those who want to earn a degree while continuing to work. Students can pursue an online MBA while also working. Students will receive assistance and advice from their mentors while pursuing an MBA. Online MBA courses in India assist students in developing the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in the business sector.


Because there are currently only a few top colleges for online MBA in India, online MBA programmes are a relatively new phenomenon in the higher education system. We have listed some of the best online MBA universities and colleges in India in the table below.


Top Colleges with Online MBA Programs



Anna University Online MBA

IMT Ghaziabad Online MBA

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies Online MBA

GLA University Online MBA


Dr DY Patil University Online MBA

Amity University Online MBA

ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education Online MBA

Chandigarh University Online MBA

Jain University Online MBA

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Online MBA

OP Jindal Global University Online MBA


What is the Full Form of an Online MBA?

The term “online MBA” refers to an online master’s degree in business administration. A distance MBA is very similar to an online MBA. Classes are not offered on a regular basis in the Distance MBA programme. They are typically scheduled on weekends. However, in the case of an MBA degree online, classes are delivered to students via the internet at their leisure. Online MBA programmes concentrate on developing the skills and knowledge required for careers in the business sector. Candidates enrolled in an online MBA programme can learn more about the fundamentals of business management, such as big picture thinking and strategic decision making.


Structure of Online MBA Fees

The fee structure for an online MBA may differ depending on the institution where this master’s degree is offered. Other fees may be added to the cost of an online MBA. For the entire course, the online MBA fee ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 500,000. It may also include various fees for the services provided by the colleges.


Why Should You Take an Online MBA Course?

Online MBA courses can provide many other benefits aside from honing skills and providing credentials to secure a great career opportunity. The majority of online MBA programmes in India offer the same curriculum and faculty members as on-campus programmes. Online formats, according to critics, reduce face-to-face contact with students. Most online MBA programmes offered by reputable universities include events and projects to help bridge this gap.

Most online MBA programmes in India take 14-18 months to complete. Students can benefit from a flexible study schedule as well as the ability to interact with classmates and professors from anywhere in the world. Another advantage of online MBA courses is that they allow students with limited time to complete their studies.


Online MBA Admissions Exams

When it comes to Online MBA admission, many schools only look at graduation grades rather than entrance exam scores. The following exams are used to admit students to most online MBA programmes. Although taking the admission test on the basis of the entrance score is not required, some schools only consider the graduation marks.


MBA Specializations Available Online

Not all business schools provide Online MBA specialisations, and some provide different types of Online MBA. There are numerous Online MBA specialisations from which to choose. If you are looking for Online MBA specialisations, there is a list of over 80 Online MBA specialisations that you can choose from after completing courses that match your career goals. Online MBA colleges provide PGP, MBA, Distance MBA, Executive MBA, and PGDM courses with specialisation in the following domains.


  • High level of industry acceptance: Many multinational corporations, including Airtel, Bharti Pvt. Ltd., Bajaj Finance Ltd., Cognizant, HCL, IBM, Vodafone, TATA, and Wall-mart, have partnered with Symbiosis’ remote learning division to provide education.
  • Excellent student services Since Symbiosis is one of the oldest, the university’s techniques focus more on promoting prompt faculty replies. The institution has a phone centre with counsellors who can respond quickly.
  • Placement Opportunities: Unlike other online education providers, Symbiosis continues to get a lot of interest from recruiters. A Symbiosis Management degree, which is the outcome of the university’s efforts to concentrate more on developing career prospects for students, is valued by many multinational organizations.
  • A collection of top rankings from several portals: A number of online educational portals, including Careers360, DNA, Outlook, and the Maharashtrian Government, have consistently placed Symbiosis at the top.

Top MBA Specialization in India 2023

Eligibility Symbiosis University Pune

  1. Applicants must hold a diploma from a reputable college or university.
  2. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution or university will suffice for SAARC and international students.
  3. Diploma-holding students are not eligible to apply for the PGDM program.
  4. In order to begin the admissions process, students must pass the SCDL – PGDBA Entrance Test.

Admission Process

The procedure to apply for any PGDBA (MBA) course offered by Symbiosis through distant learning is as follows:

  • For login credentials and quick access to the complete material, students must go to the institute’s website and register.
  • Students must purchase the application form, which may be done using NEFT or Card, in order to apply online. The cost of the online application is approximately 1500 INR. The application form is also available at SCDL regional centers and Axis Bank branches in the approved cities.
  • Complete the application and send it in with the 1000 INR registration fee.
  • Students can begin the admissions process after passing the SCDL – PGDBA Entrance Test, which is a requirement for enrollment. The cost of the application and registration form does not include the admission fee.
  • Important documents must be submitted and authorized by a gazetted officer. These documents include academic transcripts (10, 10+2, and graduation), work experience certificates (if any), two passport-size photos, and other certificates.
  • Students will be informed once the SCDL staff has approved admission after receiving the necessary documentation. After that, students must deposit the 37,000 INR program cost.
  • Demand draughts made payable solely in Pune and payable to “The Director, SCDL Pune” may be used to pay the charge.
  • For general, defense, SAARC, and international students, there are numerous payment options for the tuition that can be made in installments.
  • International students must pay all fees in Indian Rupees.

Symbiosis University Pune MBA Fees

The entire cost of the Symbiosis distance MBA program is INR 50,000 for general applicants, INR 47,000 for members of the armed forces, NRI students pay $2400, and SAARC applicants pay $1300.

  • For the Symbiosis MBA through remote learning, students may also pay tuition in instalments. Fees may be paid in two instalments by students.
  • Additional payments are required for the exam and project fees.
  • The complete Symbiosis distance MBA fee schedule is provided below:
  • Application Fee: Different categories of students’ application fees are listed below.
  • Generally Speaking: 1200 INR
  • Defense: 1200 INR NRI/SAARC/International Students: 100 USD

Note: There is no return for the application cost.

the program charges

The program fee for each group of students is listed below.





One Time Full Payment

1st Instalment

2nd Instalment


INR 47,000/-

INR 35,000/-

INR 17,000/-

General Students

INR 50,000/-

INR 35,000/-

INR 20,000/-

SAARC Students




NRI Students





Ques. Does Symbiosis provide an MBA program online?

Ans. Instead of offering an MBA program, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) offers a postgraduate diploma in business administration (PGDBA), which is regarded as being on par with an MBA.

Ques. Similar to an MBA program, the PGDBA is a two-year study that covers the same topics.

Ans. The option of specialization is also open to students.

Ques. The Symbiosis Distance MBA program has UGC approval.

Ans. The AICTE has approved the PGDBA program Symbiosis is offering. Since Symbiosis only offers the PGDBA program rather than an MBA, UGC clearance is not necessary. For universities to offer a degree program, the UGC must approve the program.

Ques. Is the Symbiosis Online MBA accredited?

Ans. The distance MBA (PGDBA) from Symbiosis is acceptable for employment in the business sector. Symbiosis is one of the most well-liked institutions in India for management programs among working professionals and recent grads.

Ques. Which courses are offered by Symbiosis?

Ans. MBA, MBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship), MBA Executive, and PGDBM are among the courses Symbiosis offers.

Ques. How are the placements at SIBM Pune?

Ans. Over 100 companies visited the campus, and 217 proposals in total were made. During the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune placements, an average salary of INR 23.06 LPA was given out.

Ques. What was the highest package offered by Symbiosis?

Ans. At the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune placements, the highest salary was INR 45.50 LPA.

Ques. What are the facilities provided by Symbiosis?

Ans. Libraries, IT infrastructure, classrooms, lodging, auditoriums, cafeterias, and dining halls, as well as spaces for sports and amusement, are just a few of the amenities offered by SIBM Pune.

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for an MBA course at SIBM Pune?

Ans. To be eligible for the MBA program at SIBM Pune, a candidate must have received a minimum cumulative GPA of 50% in their undergraduate degree. SNAP entry examinations are accepted.

Ques. Is SIBM Pune good for MBA?

Ans. SIBM Pune belongs to the EFMD and the EFMD Global network. Additionally, Outlook placed it third for Private MBA in 2021.

Ques. What are the fees for an MBA course at SIBM Pune?

Ans. SIBM Pune charges between INR 15.32 lakhs and INR 21.32 lakhs in tuition for its MBA programs. The course lasts for two years.

Ques. What is the duration of the MBA Executive program?

Ans. The 30-month MBA Executive program lasts 30 months. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, classes are held.

Ques. Does SIBM Pune provide placement assistance to MBA Executive students?

Ans. No, SIBM Pune does not aid MBA Executive students with placement.

Ques. Is there mark relaxation for students from SC/ST category for SIBM Pune?

Ans. No, there is not a mark reduction for pupils who are SC/ST. All applicants must have a minimum of 50% overall in their graduate studies.

Ques.  Symbiosis University Online/Distance MBA Fees


Ans. The entire cost of the Symbiosis distance MBA program is INR 50,000 for general applicants, INR 47,000 for members of the armed forces, NRI students pay $2400, and SAARC applicants pay $1300. For the Symbiosis MBA through remote learning, students may also pay tuition in installments.


Ques. WHY DISTANCE/Online MBA IS GOOD FROM Symbiosis University?


Ans. One of the most well-liked two-year postgraduate programs in India is the MBA (PGDBA) through online learning offered by Symbiosis. It offers a means of remaining at home while learning skills related to personal interests. Additionally, Symbiosis provides corporate training programs and certificates that help you improve your abilities.


Ques.  Is Symbiosis University Recognised?


Ans. Yes, SCDL’s Management programs (see website for a list of programs) have received AICTE approval for the academic year 2022–2023. One of India’s largest independent remote learning education institutions is the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL).


Ques. What are the Eligibility Criteria for MBA/PGDM at Symbiosis University?


Ans. a bachelor’s degree in any field of study from a university approved by the Indian government


Ques. Does Symbiosis University Accept CAT Score?


Ans. You must take the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) to qualify for symbiosis. CAT is not relevant.


Ques.  What are the application fees for MBA at Symbiosis University?


Programme Name

SNAP Exam Fee

SIBM Pune Application Fee


Rs.1950/- + GST

1000 per programme plus GST

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