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GLA University

GLA University full form is Ganesh Lal Aggarwal University. In 1991, Shri Narayan Das Agrawal made the decision to carry out his father, Late Shri Ganeshi Lal Agrawalaim,’s of founding a high-quality educational institution for the people of the area and beyond. and started the Sri Jagannath Prasad Ganeshi Lal Bazaz Charitable Trust Samiti in an effort to establish Mathura as a well-known destination for those seeking knowledge from all walks of life. This is what prompted the construction of a significant landmark at the karma Bhoomi of the adaptable and wise Lord Krishna. Since its founding, GLA University has actively supported social causes and received praise from all for its contributions to numerous parts of societal paradigms.

According to Times B-ranking School’s of all private business schools, GLA University, Mathura is placed 2 in the state of Uttar Pradesh and 6 overall in India. Dainik Jagran ranked GLA University, Mathura as the best private university in the state of Uttar Pradesh for engineering. In the fields of engineering, pharmacy, science, education, and many others, the university grants undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.

According to the most recent information, GLA University Mathura is now accepting applications for GLA University Admission 2022 for its undergraduate and graduate programmes, including B.Tech, B.Pharma, BBA, BCA, BSc Biotech, MSc, MBA, and MCA programmes. Over 750 recruiters came to campus at GLA University Placements 2022. Among the top employers were Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, Disney Hotstar, and many others. 3000+ placement offers were made by these recruiters. The average income obtained was INR 6.28 LPA, with INR 44 LPA being the highest salary that was provided.

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Faculty at GLA University

Provost Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan

  • Phalguni Gupta, Prof. Professor, and Vice Chancellor
  • Director and pro-vice-chancellor, Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta
  • Professor and Dean Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Sharma (R&D
  • Associate Director Professor Subhash Chandra Tripathi
  • Director and Distinguished Professor Prof. Anirudh Pradhan
  • Professor Vishal Goyal, Director of IQAC
  • Mr. Suresh Pratap Singh is the T&D Director.
  • Director Prof. Anurag Singh
  • Professor and Head, Prof. Meenakshi Bajpai
  • Piyush Singhal, Ph.D., Professor, and Head
  • Professor and Head Prof. Sudhir Kumar Goyal

All of the faculty members are very experienced and highly qualified. Review count: 305

They are constantly willing to assist students, and the instruction is of a high caliber. 396 evaluations


Most of the instructors are from IITs and NITs, and the course is set up so that one may learn everything from the fundamentals to the most recent developments. 445 evaluations

The professors at our college are excellent. All of the students are pleased with the professors, and they all have effective teaching methods. In this college, attendance is very crucial. The curriculum is excellent, and it prepares students for life in the workplace. Students prepared for their jobs professionally.


  • Students of B.Tech

B-Tech Students Based on PCM percentage: # The following candidates are eligible for scholarships based on their PCM percentages at the 10+2 level

  • Percentile 
  1. Scholarship Amount
  2. 95-100 Rs. 60000
  3. 90-94.99 Rs. 33000
  4. 80-89.99 Rs. 25000


Using the JEE-MAINS Percentile: According to the JEE-MAINS percentiles listed below, the following candidates are eligible for scholarships:

  • Percentile 


  1. Scholarship Amount

  2. 95-100 Rs. 74000

  3. 90-94.99 Rs. 37000

  4. 85-89.99 Rs. 20000


  • Students of B Pharma

For those who met the eligibility requirements and received more than 90% in Physics, Chemistry, Math, or Biology at 10+2, there is an annual scholarship worth Rs. 25,000 available.

For the scholarship to be available in the student’s second year of study, the CPI must be at least 8.00.

  • Students in M Tech
  1. The annual scholarship amount for GATE-qualified candidates is Rs. 133,000.
  2. The annual scholarship for candidates who have not completed the GATE or GLAET is Rs. 105 000.


To be eligible for the scholarship in the following year of study, the student must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5.

  • M.P.H. students
  1. Candidates who pass the GPAT are eligible for a Rs. 13,000 per year scholarship.
  2. The annual scholarship amount for applicants who did not pass the GPAT or the GLAET is Rs. 1,05,000.

To be eligible for the scholarship in the following year of study, the student must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5.

For Ph.D. students, full-time research scholars from all streams will be offered a teaching assistantship worth Rs. 25,000 per month.

  • For applicants who are General & OBC (Economically weak)
  1. The social welfare division (Samaj Kalyan Vibhag) of the UP government offers scholarships to children whose parents earn less than Rs. 2 lakh per year.
  • For Candidates SC/ST
  1. The social welfare department (Samaj Kalyan Vibhag) of the UP government offers scholarships to children whose parents earn less than Rs. 2 lakh annually.

Documents needed to complete the scholarship application for the Samaj Kalyan Welfare Department in Uttar Pradesh.

Top 15 Online/Distance MBA Colleges in India 2023

Awards and recognition

  • Commission (UGC)

UGC Status 12B This accolade was given to one of India’s finest private universities.

  • ARIA

ARIIA Band Excellent Award for integrating experiential learning outside of the classroom.

  • NAAC

For high-caliber infrastructure, learning resources, research, innovation, etc., NAAC awarded an “A” grade.


NPTEL’s ACTIVE Local Chapter is Listed by NPTEL as one of the top 100 universities with a Local Chapter tag.


IACBE Recognition through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, specialized accreditation

  • NIRF

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Research is regarded by NIRF as the 59th-best pharmacy education institution in India.

  • Received an A rating from

Council for National Assessment and Accreditation

Courses Offered at GLA University

Graduate Course 

  • Electronics and communication engineering, B.Tech.
  • Electrical and electronics engineering, B.Tech.
  • Electrical Engineering B.Tech.
  • EC B.Tech (With Minor in Computer Science)
  • EC B.Tech (With Specialization in VLSI)
  • B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mechanical engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Smart Manufacturing)
  • B.Tech (Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
  • Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization)
  • Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Cyber Security & Forensics)
  • Computer Science & Engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Data Analytics)
  • Mechanical engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Mechatronics
  • Mechanical engineering B.Tech (Specialization in Automobile)
  • B.Tech (Biotechnology)
  • Mechanical engineering B.Tech (Lateral Entry)
  • BS in CSE (Lateral Entry)
  • Electrical Engineering B.Tech (Lateral Entry)
  • Electronics and communications as a B.Tech (Lateral Entry)
  • Civil Engineering B.Tech (Lateral Entry)
  • B.Sc. Chemistry with Honors
  • B.Sc. in Biotechnology with Honors
  • BSc in Physics with Honors
  • B.Sc. Agriculture with Honors
  • Pharm. B.
  • Pharm. B. (Lateral Entry)
  • BCA
  • Economics with a B.A.
  • B.A L.L.B (Hons.)
  • Global Accounting with a B.Com. (Hons.)
  • B.Ed
  • B. Com (Hons.)
  • B.Com. LLB (Hons.)
  • BBA
  • BBA (Hons.)
  • BBA (Family Business)
  • Computer Science & Engineering with a B. Tech.
  • BCA (Hons) (Hons.)
  • B.A. English (Hons.


Post Graduate Courses

  • Pharm. M. (Pharmaceutics)
  • Pharm. M. (Pharmacology)
  • MCA
  • M.Tech (Electronics and Communications Engineering)
  • M. Tech (Electrical Engineering)
  • Mechanical engineering M.Tech (Design)
  • Civil engineering M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
  • Civil engineering M.Tech (Transportation Engineering)
  • M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • M.Sc (Mathematics) (Mathematics)
  • M.Sc (Microbiology & Immunology) (Microbiology & Immunology)
  • M.Sc (Chemistry)
  • M.Sc (Biotechnology)
  • M.Sc (Physics)

Distance Education (GLA University Online MBA Fees)

The entirety of the Online MBA learning process, including interactions with professors and peers, student activities, case studies, project work, and teaching aids, is designed to make sure that you learn not only theoretically but also experientially. This means that as you gain more knowledge about general management, business, and your chosen specializations—such as marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, business analytics, operations, retail, etc.—you will be better able to understand, analyze, and handle these challenging business situations.

This GLA University Online MBA Program develops leaders who can make an impact in the business and service sectors. By combining technology with traditional teaching strategies, instructors may help their students develop the information, skills, and understanding of management that they need to deal with the complexity of contemporary business propositions. This curriculum equips professionals who want to work as organizational managers in the modern, global corporate world with specific knowledge, a variety of abilities, including critical analysis, presentation, public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, and attitude.



  • provides a solid conceptual foundation for understanding management theories and practices.
  • aids in fostering professionalism and good survival skills
  • develops managerial abilities such as initiative, strategic planning, problem-solving, etc
  • provide a practical direction to the international business landscape.
  • increases entrepreneurial aptitude and self-assurance
  • Developing effective multitasking and practical problem-solving skills
  • enables one to play a fully responsible, active, and active part in the corporate community.
  • encourages an empathic and moral attitude to social concerns that arise from the intersection of business and society
  • after completion offers chances for greater career progression, and that too in a variety of fields.
  • also offers larger wage increases



  • Access to an improved classroom learning environment at any time and from anywhere
  • Industry-Ready Education.
  • Webinars & Live Interactive Lectures
  • Discussion boards recorded videos and recordings of illustrious faculty lecturers.
  • Dedicated Course Coordinators and Student Support Staff
  • Students are able to determine their own learning pace.
  • Credit-based on-demand system
  • Change from a teacher-centered to a student-centered classroom


Specializations Areas:

  • Analytics for Business
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Management of marketing
  • Money Management
  • Insurance and Banking
  • Management of Global Business
  • Technologies of information
  • Management of Operations
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Managing Retail

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Online MBA From GLA University

What exactly is an online MBA?

Online MBA programmes are increasingly popular among working adults seeking a master’s degree in business administration. Online MBA courses are especially beneficial for those who want to earn a degree while continuing to work. Students can pursue an online MBA while also working. Students will receive assistance and advice from their mentors while pursuing an MBA. Online MBA courses in India assist students in developing the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in the business sector.


Because there are currently only a few top colleges for online MBA in India, online MBA programmes are a relatively new phenomenon in the higher education system. We have listed some of the best online MBA universities and colleges in India in the table below.


Top Colleges with Online MBA Programs



Anna University Online MBA

IMT Ghaziabad Online MBA

Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies Online MBA

GLA University Online MBA


Dr DY Patil University Online MBA

Amity University Online MBA

ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education Online MBA

Chandigarh University Online MBA

Jain University Online MBA

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Online MBA

OP Jindal Global University Online MBA


What is the Full Form of an Online MBA?

The term “online MBA” refers to an online master’s degree in business administration. A distance MBA is very similar to an online MBA. Classes are not offered on a regular basis in the Distance MBA programme. They are typically scheduled on weekends. However, in the case of an MBA degree online, classes are delivered to students via the internet at their leisure. Online MBA programmes concentrate on developing the skills and knowledge required for careers in the business sector. Candidates enrolled in an online MBA programme can learn more about the fundamentals of business management, such as big picture thinking and strategic decision making.


Structure of Online MBA Fees

The fee structure for an online MBA may differ depending on the institution where this master’s degree is offered. Other fees may be added to the cost of an online MBA. For the entire course, the online MBA fee ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 500,000. It may also include various fees for the services provided by the colleges.


Why Should You Take an Online MBA Course?

Online MBA courses can provide many other benefits aside from honing skills and providing credentials to secure a great career opportunity. The majority of online MBA programmes in India offer the same curriculum and faculty members as on-campus programmes. Online formats, according to critics, reduce face-to-face contact with students. Most online MBA programmes offered by reputable universities include events and projects to help bridge this gap.

Most online MBA programmes in India take 14-18 months to complete. Students can benefit from a flexible study schedule as well as the ability to interact with classmates and professors from anywhere in the world. Another advantage of online MBA courses is that they allow students with limited time to complete their studies.


Online MBA Admissions Exams

When it comes to Online MBA admission, many schools only look at graduation grades rather than entrance exam scores. The following exams are used to admit students to most online MBA programmes. Although taking the admission test on the basis of the entrance score is not required, some schools only consider the graduation marks.


MBA Specializations Available Online

Not all business schools provide Online MBA specialisations, and some provide different types of Online MBA. There are numerous Online MBA specialisations from which to choose. If you are looking for Online MBA specialisations, there is a list of over 80 Online MBA specialisations that you can choose from after completing courses that match your career goals. Online MBA colleges provide PGP, MBA, Distance MBA, Executive MBA, and PGDM courses with specialisation in the following domains.

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MBA as the program name

Timeframe: Two Years

  • Marketing, human resources, finance, operations management, banking, and financial services, business analytics, and supply chain management are some of the areas of specialization.
  • eligibility information passed a recognized bachelor’s degree with at least a 50% grade over a minimum 3-year period.
  • 5% relaxation Students in the SC/ST/other designated category are given a relaxation of the minimum eligibility requirements.

Top MBA Specialization in India 2023

Admission Procedure

  • Registration
  • Apply
  • Verification of Documents
  • Test of Eligibility
  • Payment
  • Acknowledgment

GLA University Fees

First Year: INR 30,000

Second Year: INR 30,000


Q. What courses does GLA University offer online?

A. B.Com. (Hons. ), BBA and MBA are three remarkable online degree programs from GLA University that are currently approved by the UGC.

Q. What are the available program lengths?

  1. 3 Years B.Com. (Hons.)

    BBA: three years

    2-year MBA

Q. What format does the instruction use?

A. English

Q. Does it involves a capitation fee?

A. There are no capitation charges. The fee schedule for each course includes a list of all the payable costs.

Q. What additional costs are there in addition to the tuition?

A. There are no other fees outside the tuition and registration fees.

Q.Is there a plan for discounts or scholarships?

A. Merit-based scholarships are offered by the university under its terms and conditions. The announcements will be made online, but the scholarship and other rebates have deadlines.

Q: GLA University Online/Distance MBA Fees


A. The GLA Online University’s MBA program has a total course fee of 60,000 INR, which may be split into two annual payments of 30,000 INR each.




A. With amenities like a productive learning management system, exposure to academic and professional opportunities, spaces for application-oriented learning, and student support in the form of academic mentors, course coordinators, etc., GLA Online University’s learning and faculty support are noteworthy.


Q: What are the Eligibility Criteria for MBA/PGDM at GLA University?


A. Bachelor’s degree is required.


Q: Is GLA University Recognised?


A. In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, there is a private institution called GLA University. After a thorough evaluation by the UGC, it has been determined that he is eligible to receive central aid under Section 12B of the UGC Act of 1956. It is approved by the NCTE, the Pharmacy Council of India, and the University Grants Commission (UGC).


Q: Does GLA University Accept CAT Score?


A. The GLAET test is administered by GLA University to admit students to various courses. In addition, depending on the program the students choose, it also accepts the results of the entrance examinations UPSEE, GPAT, GATE, CAT, MAT, XAT, CSIR NET, and UGC NET.


Q: What are the application fees for MBA at GLA University?


A. The application fee for MBA at GLA university is INR 700.

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