Make Money Online 2023: Top 7 Ways through Which College Students Can Earn.

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As a college student, there is no limit on the expenses and the pocket money you get is limited. For this reason, most students keep looking for options through which they can make money online, but most of the sources are not reliable. So, here we bring to you the Make Money Online 2023: Top 7 Ways through Which College Students Can Earn .

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to earn money without any investment, you just require excitement and your passion to do work. This blog will also be helpful for individuals who are not getting a sufficient amount of salary and want to earn more by doing some part-time work online with the ease of sitting at home. Now one of the most important questions arises why are college students encouraged to earn money? A simple answer to this question can be to make them aware of the value of money and how hard it is to earn even a penny if they’ll remain dependent on their parents for the same then they can never understand the value of money, as it is not hard to spend someone else’s money. Thus, this trend is followed by foreign countries for a long period but we Indians don’t feel that it is necessary for college going students to make money, which is not right for them. 

It is important for them to understand a sense of responsibility and should be held responsible for themselves once they are done with their schooling.

Now a very big question arises is it possible to earn money online? , yes, of course, it is possible to earn money online if you have relevant skills or are ready to learn some skills which can give you benefits on monetary grounds. But if you are thinking that you can earn money without having any skills then you cannot do so, because if you don’t have anything to offer to a person then why will the employer pay you, if you are of no use to him. Those people who claim that a person can earn money without any skill using online mode then he or she is a fraud nothing else, stay away from such people.

Here are the 7 ways through which you can make money:

In today’s time, the YouTube platform does not require any introduction, the most famous Youtuber started their channel when they were very young for example Ajay Nagar who is a famous roaster and gamer started his channel with the Name Carry Minati when he was just 18 years old, and now he is earning a lot of money and fame on the platform this shows if you open a channel and showcase whatever your talent is then you can be the next carry Minati or even better than him.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is another platform that is quickly gaining popularity in our country, it became popular because it launched a new format of videos i.e., Instagram reels. You can open your own Instagram page and start posting content at which you are good, if you are good at cooking then you can shoot short videos of recipes or even the photos of your dishes this will help you gain popularity and then companies will contact you to market their products on your Instagram page for which you’ll get money.

Become an Online Tutor

earlier working as a tutor was more prevalent in offline modes but after the covid pandemic, most students are comfortable taking online tuition as they save them a lot of time also online tuition is cheaper as compared to offline tuition that’s why you can get more tuitions without spending much time, if you are good at teaching then this can be your ideal work for earning money online. You can also register yourself to platforms like Unacademy if you feel that you are very good at teaching.
Sell Online Courses
you don’ be able to get online tuition, the next best way by which you can make money is by creating your online course and selling it online. Now the question arises where you can sell your courses? , you can sell your courses by creating your website or on the platforms like Udemy, Skill share, Vedantu, LinkedIn Learning, etc., these platforms are made for new teachers who want to showcase their talent and earn money from them. It is not necessary that you need to be good with your studies to earn money from these platforms, you can teach dance, drawing, cooking etc. also through these platforms.

Content Writing

If you are a person who feels that he has good writing skills then you can earn money by writing good content for others there are two ways in which you can earn money through content writing, you can take freelance content writing projects or work for a particular agency which is in constant need for content to be posted on their website. But since we are talking about online modes of earning money then you have to find agencies that are looking for a freelance writer.
here are some websites you can use to find freelance work in content writing.
1. Internshala
2. Freelancer
3. Hirewriters
4. Upwork

Once you are selected then you will be asked to write content on Facebook, Instagram posts, blogs for the company website etc.
You may have to write on different general topics.

Graphic Designer

If you are good at creating graphical posts, animation videos, or photo editing then you can work as a graphic designer and earn money from it. you can find freelance projects from the websites we have mentioned in the above section.

Buy and Sell Domains

You can earn money by buying domains and selling them, domains can be bought from websites like GO Daddy, and then sell them to someone who is in urgent need to buy the domains for their websites.  

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