How to be Productive? (How To Stay Away From Distraction in 2023)

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The 20th century is an era where the atmosphere of a person is full of distractions. In recent times distractions have increased further. Staying focused during such a time is a big challenge for everyone, especially the students. Studying is not a very big task for children but, for a long period, it is very much. This is not a problem for students, this is the problem of gadgets and pampering that parents do to their kids. The COVID pandemic has affected the attention span of students even more. It is a task for students these days to stay away from distractions for a long period. This thing is getting worse for children who are born in recent times as they are born with gadgets. We are here to save you from this problem, we’ll help you to get rid of distractions. We will be telling you some tips and tricks which will help you to achieve not only good scores. But, also help them to achieve their new year’s resolutions. So, here we bring you a blog on the topic How to be Productive? (How To Stay Away From Distraction in 2023)

#1 Make a List

It is not a very new technique which will help you to achieve your goal.

Most knowledgeable and successful people said that whatever they wanted to achieve in life they have written it in the first place so that whenever they see the written goal they get a reminder of what they have to do.

Making a list is not a secret strategy, making a list with the goal and the timeline for the goal is beneficial to achieving that goal.

To make your timetable/list make two columns in the timetable, in one column you should write the goal you want to achieve and the time you want to allot to that task and in the 2nd column write the task you want to do during the break.

It is basic human psychology that the mind responds more to the rewards we will get, if the reward will be in front of you with your goals then they will act as motivation for the students.

The second thing which you should keep in mind while deciding on your goals is that your goals must be realistic.

By realistic, we mean that goals must be achievable in the stipulated or allotted time. If your goals are not achievable then there is no point in making a list.

You can also keep goals which require less time than the allotted time, it will help you to complete tasks on the list and you will get a sense of accomplishment.

Initially, your tasks must be taking less time than the allotted time so that it will act as a motivator for you and you will be able to keep up with the technique.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that you are keeping a deadline for every task, as the human mind is made to work at a deadline more efficiently. Thus, it will help you to have an edge in doing tasks.

#2 Create a Soothing Study Environment

The environment is important for any task we are wishing to pursue. If the environment is not good according to us then we will not be able to do that task at that particular place.

The environment should be soothing for the person if he wants to perform a task. The soothing environment can be different for different people.

For some, a messy environment is soothing so they must have a messy environment to study, whereas others like a clean and silent environment for studies.

Some students want a disciplined and silent environment to study so they can go to the library to study, to get their silent environment.

So, everyone should find a soothing environment and create a soothing environment which suits them to perform a task. 

#3. Breaks

Studying constantly straight for three hours is not beneficial for students.

According to a study, a person remembers short sessions better than long sessions.

Since the main problem we are tackling here is the short attention span so while studying for 2-3 hrs straight your attention span is for 45-60 minutes. Thus, you should take a break after every 45-60 minutes.

Your prime goal while studying should be quality rather than quantity. A quality study for 1 hour is better than a 2-3 hrs boring, low-quality study.

Some students study only for 2-3 hrs a  day and top exams but others study for the whole day but don’t get that good marks.

#4. Eliminate Distractions

It is a lengthy process as compared to the other measures we have suggested so far.

Eliminating problems is more important than applying techniques to reduce the effect of problems.

Social media is a distracting and addictive thing, reducing its addiction is a challenge and a time-wasting thing.

Social media is not the only thing responsible for distraction, even games are addictive.

All in all misuse of technology is an addictive thing.

Any addiction is very difficult to eliminate, it happens gradually. You should initially try to reduce the use of the thing that is addictive to you and then gradually when you understand that it is a time waste and you can do something productive in that time, that thing’s addiction will be eliminated.

#5. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Eating and drinking habits also contribute to distractions.

If we eat healthy food and stay hydrated then it will contribute to better healthy educational habits.

If we eat unhealthy junk food and don’t have enough water then it will make us lethargic.

Thus if you want to curb the problem of distraction you must focus on your eating habits and should have healthy food and enough water.

#6. Reward Yourself ( Appreciate Yourself)

Since moving on a difficult path is difficult, patience checking and boring.

Thus, you should reward yourself or appreciate yourself if you complete your goals for a day.

We have talked about rewards earlier too, you must make a list of tasks and the rewards for every task. 

Once you complete a task you must reward yourself.

This reward can be in the form of appreciation too. You can appreciate yourself if you have done all the tasks in the allotted time.

#7. Get Proper Sleep

If you run a machine without giving it a break, it will stop working. Similarly, if you work without giving yourself proper breaks you’ll burn out and stop working and will again start to use the things which are more of a distraction for you.

Proper sleep is 7-8 hours per day, if you are taking this much sleep then you are good to go, otherwise, it is highly advisable to take the above-stated amount of sleep.


How do I stay focused while studying? 

  • When it comes to staying focused when studying, your study space is crucial. To prevent interruptions to your study flow, you must set up a relaxing setting and ensure that you have everything you need, including a pen, pencil, books, and other items.

What is the best way to increase focus while studying?

  • While checking alerts or using social media while studying would just push you down the path of procrastination, utilising social media during a break is acceptable. Avoiding distractions when studying can be done in a number of ways, such as avoiding using your phone. Being distracted in any way will make it very difficult for you to focus, thus it’s critical to maintain mental clarity before beginning a brainstorming study session.

How to increase my study time duration?

  • You might not be able to understand what you learn if you study continuously for more than two to three hours. Therefore, it is crucial to take little breaks when studying to rejuvenate yourself. In opposed to studying continually without any breaks, this enables you to concentrate on your studies for longer periods of time.
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