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Lingyas is a key distance education college at Delhi NCR which offers undergraduate and postgraduate applications in India approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) for the peeps that are considering pursuing education via distance learning. Equipped with innovative and up to date technologies, distance learning here incorporates online instruction and e-learning. We have realized the educational wish of students who couldn’t attend full-time courses and that is exactly the reason why we regularly provide e-material to candidates for ease of training. The distance learning programs offered below are economically workable and may be an ideal fit for learner who does not have plenty of time on their hands.

Lingyas University in Delhi NCR for Distance Education provides distance education students with numerous chances as you can as they’d receive in-person education. We satisfy the learning expectations of pupils and evolve their teaching experiences through digital courses along with video conferencing. This will also enable students to obtain big satisfaction with their online learning and also allow candidate to review their courses more than once based on their own needs.

This open and distance education college aims to handout a more exemplary awareness of the programs and enable students to enquire more comprehensive questions so as to achieve more professional and social skills. We are among esteemed universities at Delhi NCR for distance education, combining the flexibility of online learning with the academic rigor and construction of campus based programs.

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Courses Offered by This University

BBA( 3 Years)

After successful completion of BBA programme, BBA Distance Education a learner will build a strong fundamental knowledge in Accounts and Finance, Human Resource, Logistics, Business analysis tools, International Business, Entrepreneurship etc.

BA( 3 Years)

This programme will equip learners from the very basic journalistic skills to the latest tools that are evolved in print, electronic and social media. The programme will provide learner with a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge throughout the course of studies.

BCA( 3 Years)

BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application), BCA Distance Education is an undergraduate Degree Course in Computer Application. The Course give lots of opportunities, who are interested in a computer-related field and wants to work in IT sector as a programmer and software developer.

BCOM(3 years)

The curriculum of B.Com. Programme is designed in a way that a learner should able to develop a deep insight of theoretical and practical aspects of accounts and finance; in addition to this a learner develops a comprehensive understanding of business activities which is best suited to all size of businesses.

MA( 2 years)

It includes the modern political scenarios along with history of political development, historical political events and revolution globally. Which help student to develop a holistic view of social, economic and political life, about political system nationally and globally.

MCOM( 2 years)

The basic objectives of the programme are to prepare the students with necessary conceptual, entrepreneurial, and analytical skills required for handling modern and technical business operations at both national and international levels.

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