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Education is the purchase and use of knowledge. Knowledge in the management field, like other areas, is expanding extremely fast. Education is central to the human resource development and empowerment in almost any nation, and also the quality of education is determined by the kind of human it generates. Education is the means whereby adults pass on their values and beliefs to their kids.

The growing internationalization of higher education, especially professional courses and associations, increasing global co-operation and also the development of new, transnational education providers are posing a challenge to the higher education systems of the country. The new knowledge-based society demands managers who are versatile and flexible. They need to learn continuously and upgrade their skills as the technology advances. Innovative types of transnational education dependent on the net have been opened to students around the globe. This has made distance education a more lively and rewarding experience.

IMT Distance Learning is one of the prestigious University which is located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. IMT distance learning has been accredited by AICTE.

IMT distance learning is the tier one non-traditional adventure in management have been recognized, as worldwide. The time compulsion and life’s stipulation make it hardened for a working professional to succeed managerial skills through standard institutions. As the work place becomes more and more challenging and aggressive in the 21st century, the right management qualification and education  has become a key factor for office worker.

IMT distance learning program is one of the best program to meet requirements for working professionals.

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Courses Offered by This University

Distance PGDM( 2 YEAR)

IMT Distance Learning is an Institute that offers Post Graduate Diploma Courses (PGDM) in which one will have to study Management technology for comparatively less time than MBA.

PGDM Executive( 15 Months)

IMT is an Institute that offers Post Graduate Diploma Courses (PGDM) Executive in which one will have to study Management technology is comparatively less time then MBA.

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