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Doon Business School is one of the good management college in Northern India. Our principal goal is to impart an instruction that not just creates erudite employees or supervisors but produces leaders that will leave a lasting imprint on the company in addition to the social business.

Why is Doon Business School special?

We offer our students a blend of managerial in addition to technology skills so that they can blend the knowledge they’ve attained at our business school and leverage contemporaneous technology to get a strong competitive advantage. Enterprise-level technology programs will be the backbones of medium-size and bigger companies, and hence they are an essential component of our overall curriculum.

We are always updating our class material to satisfy the fast-changing international business landscape so that if our students go out and work in actual surroundings, they are already armed with the required intellectual and technical abilities needed for the job. Our students have a profound comprehension of the dynamics of national as well as international economics.

DBS is furnish with state-of-the-art educational and training equipment supervised and coordinated by extremely trained coordinators. A number of our faculty members also have experienced global business and teaching expertise working in prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, IIM, FMS, XLRI MIT Sloan, and many more. Our teaching faculty uses highly evolved methods to communicate with their pupils, including role-plays, simulation exercises, case studies investigation, and real-life project management and coverage. The fundamental idea of the entire endeavor would be to impart wisdom and share experiences that can help our students grow into leaders in their various fields.

Whether they work for an organization or opt to become entrepreneurs, the instruction our students arrive at Doon Business School will always stand them in good stead. Found in the lush and beautiful Dehradun (the capital Uttarakhand), close to the industrial area of Selaqui to be precise, the Doon business school offers an ideal atmosphere for pursuing scholarly targets and attaining excellence in the foothills of their early Himalayas. Being at an idyllic location, we attract students from other areas of the nation. DBS is one of the best multicultural environments to research in

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Courses Offered by This College

PGDM- 2 Years Full Time

MBA- 2 Years Full Time

BBA- 3 Years Full Time

BCA- 3 Years Full Time

M.A. (2 years)

B.A. (Hons) (3 years)

B.Com (Hons) (3 years)

M.Sc. (2 years)

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