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Asian Business School is an innovative center of academic excellence accepted by AICTE and is currently among the best schools for PGDM / MBA in India. Our applications are both purposeful and professionally oriented. The core benefit of studying at ABS would be to find an internationally recognized certification by the finest academic minds who impart holistic understanding by learning methodology that is senile. The support from the industry is enormous in the form of internships and job placements. ABS considers that education and training are critical inputs for human resource development, which in turn is crucial for the financial well-being and growth of the Society. This Business School has been recognized to prepare the youth to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities and confront the challenges posed by the economic reforms, which have radically altered the complexion of business and their direction across the world. ABS is run by a nonprofit society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The Asian Academy of Film & Television, run by this Society, is just one of the ten best film schools in the entire world for short-term courses. (The motto of Asian Business School is’Development with Education’).

ABS has international tie-up with renowned foreign institutions of higher learning such as Oxford Business College, U.K. that are partnering together with ABS in supplying internationally recognized management education. ABS has a strong business — college faculty interface to integrate classroom teaching and training and practical knowledge within the specialty to successfully bridge the gap between theory and practice. ABS concentrates on improving the pupils’ capability to lead and manage companies by learning how to embrace a systematic way of identifying problems and finding their solutions employing analytic, problem solving, and decision-making skills and understanding financial and accounting facets of business reasons. This leaves ABS, not a leading PGDM / MBA College in Noida and around India.

ABS also prepares its students to pursue opportunities for doing business without respect to the resources one controls. In other words, the emphasis is laid on inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship from its students. Disposition development, physical fitness, personal grooming, and communication skills are an integral part of education and training in ABS to prepare its students to go into the company world with conviction and necessary self-confidence.

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